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  • Sea

    The "Sea" is the term used to describe everywhere that reality isn't stable, which is most places. It isn't used to describe oceans. Nobody has ever seen an ocean before. It is one of many [[Terminology|words]] that has taken on new meaning after the …

  • Terminology

    Words that took on new meaning or were invented after the [[Shift]]. * [[Sea]] * [[Shift]] * [[Island]] * [[Diver]] * [[Swim]] * [[Boat]] * [[Islanium]]

  • Shift

    "The Shift" is the term people use to describe the whatever event caused the world to be the way it is. The event that destabilized reality. However, this is only a theory. Most scholars agree that there had to be a Shift, but some reject the theory as …

  • Diver

    "Divers" is the term used to describe people who willingly go out into the Sea in search of treasure. While people [[Swim|swim]] for different reasons, the typical stated goal of Divers is to go out into the [[Sea]] and brave the shifting planes trying …

  • Boat

    A "boat" is the term used to refer to a mobile pocket of stabile reality. When traversing the [[Sea]] with a boat there is no risk of the planes shifting around you. It is just like walking around on the material plane with the slight difference that at …

  • Island

    An "Island" is the term used to refer to a stationary patch of reality that is permanently locked into the material plane. It never shifts. Islands are of differing sizes and tend to be quite isolated. Some Islands may be aware of each other forming an …

  • Islanium

    The most valuable substance in the world. Islanium is a powder that is used to lock the Sea into the material plane. All [[Boat | boats]] need it to function and [[Diver | Divers]] rely on it to search for relics from the old world.

  • Swim

    The term used to describe traversing the Sea without the protection of [[Islanium]].

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